Info for Mentees

Information Provided to Mentees to prepare for your mentoring sessions

20 minutes will go very quickly. The following may help you manage your time most effectively.

  • You have 15 minutes for each mentoring session, allowing 5 minutes for hello and transition
  • Spend no more than 3 minutes explaining your business or idea in pitch format.
  • Take some time to practice this before the event.
  • Prepare no more than 3 discussion points / questions to ask your mentor during each session.
  • You then have 4-5 minutes to hear your mentor’s views, and another 5 minutes for some discussion.
  • We strongly advise that you take notes of the key points you learn, so you don’t forget them.
  • Spend the final minute confirming any key findings or messages from the session.
  • You’ll hear two bells: one at 17 minutes and one at 19 minutes, which is your cue to move on.
  • Please stick to the allotted time periods.
  • There will be time to catch up with your mentors during networking at the close of the event
  • Sessions will not be extended.

One day prior to the event, all registered Mentees will be invited to an interactive schedule listing Mentors and their available sessions. Simply book three possibly four time-slots with different mentors you’d like to speak with. Inbetween the mentoring sessions there will be floating Mentors and information stands for small business.

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RDA Sunshine Coast


The Mentee target market for the event:

1) Startups and Entrepreneurs
2) Sustainable Business/Corporate considering an innovative spin off project
3) Public funded research organisation spin off
4) Small business wanting to scale
5) Students and Youth with a startup concept or new venture
6) Wannapreneurs and micro business

The connective tissue between them is business and entrepreneurship.  The Mentors assist the Mentees in opportunity analysis, looking at business models, using real experience to scope strategies and take on risk to achieve growth.